Baseline Animal Clinic Specials

Dental Specials

Is it that time of year again?!

Don’t forget to make your appointment for your pet’s dental care.

Please note that there are four components to the dental special:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • Pre Anesthetic bloodwork
  • Anesthesia
  • Additional Procedures


New patients and those that haven’t been seen in the last six months will receive a full exam for $60.00 and current patients will receive a complimentary exam the day of the procedure.

To determine your dental estimate read through the following. Call today to schedule your appointment, an estimate, or with any questions.

Dental Cleaning Price

The pricing is determined by weight and age of your pet:

Under 8 years old:

*If pain medication or antibiotics are needed, they are not included in the base price.

*dogs with severe dental disease may have an additional cleaning charge which will be determined in advance.

Please Inquire for Price

This includes all of the following procedures:

  • Dental Cleaning and Polishing
  • Pre Anesthetic Bloodwork CBC / Chem 10
  • I.V. Catheter and Fluids

8 years and older: 

Please Inquire For Price

This includes all of the following procedures:

  • Dental Cleaning and Polishing
  • Pre Anesthetic Bloodwork CBC / Chem 15
  • I.V. Catheter and Fluids

* Cleaning and Polish as an add on to another anesthetic procedure (i.e. growth removal) is additional

** This pricing includes one hour of anesthesia time which is enough time to get most dental work done. However, some patients requiring extensive extractions may need and be charged for additional anesthesia at an additional rate per half hour.

Procedure Descriptions:

Dental Cleaning and Polish

Your pet’s dental cleaning is much like a your own routine dental cleaning.  We remove the plaque from the teeth using an ultrasonic hand-piece and then we polish and apply a fluoride treatment.  Unfortunately the one major difference is that we need to put your pet under anesthesia in order to properly perform the dental cleaning.

Even though we have to use full anesthesia it is still an out patient procedure. You drop your pet off in the morning after signing release forms and being presented with an estimate.  Then we run the necessary pre-op tests and prepare your pet for the anesthesia. We then do the procedure after all the preparation is complete and you will pick up your pet between 3pm and 6pm.

Pre Anesthetic Blood work

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Counts blood cells to help identify infection, check hydration status, and screen for any other cell abnormalities

Chemistry 10 Panel:

  • ALB
  • ALKP
  • ALT
  • BUN
  • CREA
  • GLOB
  • GLU
  • TP

Chemistry 15 Panel:

  • ALB
  • ALKP
  • AST
  • BUN
  • Ca
  • CK
  • CREA
  • GGT
  • GLOB
  • GLU
  • LDH
  • TBIL
  • TP


After reviewing the blood work and giving your pet a thorough exam the doctor will determine an anesthetic plan that is best suited for your pet. In order to reduce the risks of anesthesia we use safe and proven medications including but not limited to Propofol and Isoflurane gas anesthesia.

All patients receive complete anesthetic monitoring during procedure which includes Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SPO2 (Oxygen Saturation), ECG, and Temperature.

IV Catheter

IV catheter is used to administer fluids and some medications. The IV fluids help minimize anesthetic risk by maintaining blood pressure during the procedure which leads to a better recovery.

Additional Procedures

Doctor will notify the owner prior to doing any additional procedures unless otherwise directed.

Dental X-rays = Please Inquire


  • Simple = Please Inquire
  • Routine = Please Inquire
  • Complex = Please Inquire

After Care

Upon dismissal you will be given written instructions.

We highly recommend Plaque Off prior to and following dental cleaning. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Pain medications and antibiotics are regular prices.

Call us at 480-839-2824 to make your pets’ appointment.
Feel free to call us with any questions.